Writing thoughtless

I am only writing this piece because i really feel i should write more. I really feel relieved less stresses and often relieved. Idea of reviving the blog came all of a sudden when i found my old notebook,i read a piece which i actually wrote only because our light went out and i had nothing else to do. Reading that really felt good so i thought why not start writing again So here i am once again writing :). Writing thoughtless is a intriguing thing i suggest to all of you. Best thing about that it pours the right amount of feelings and emotions into it and it really made us relive those moments which surely brings smile on your face.



Common Room is a wonderful place to visit. It has couches, chairs, tables and sometimes a television. It is usually connected to many private rooms. It is present in most of the hospitals,schools,colleges,universities and military camps.

It contains time passing opportunities for every type of persons from a nerd to a pervert. It satisfies the time consuming needs of each individual who visits it but ironically no one cares about it.
Every Common Room has almost always sitting capabilities less than persons present in it, So every thing else is used as sitting purpose. It also has a unique dustbin which is used as a hoop for basket ball fan.


Let’s recreate a living picture of a normal common room. As soon as you enter in it, you see three major groups of people present in it.

1. The Loud Ones.
These are usually a group of girls chatting in a very fast and shrill tone. You can also say that common room is a every female’s paradise. Example of loud Ones is a group of girls talking about a new song which recently topped the charts, With blink of an eye they moved from song to hot male lead singer and with another blink again to whose hot and whose not and i want that and i don’t want that debate which we don’t wanna know. This group usually had a pretty girl or two and every male species in common room is watching her every move.

2. The Quiet Ones.
Just a few feet away from the famous loud Ones a group of persons usually nerds are present. I called them quiet Ones because they are either listening very closely to the girlish gossips or they are in heated debates about studies.

3. The Other Ones.
All other people present in the common room are considered as the Other Ones. Some of them are sleeping or trying to sleep, some are eating food and drinking beverages and still others are chatting and texting each others.

One of the good thing about common room is that although people present in it are connected somehow but sometimes they don’t have time to talk so it is a best place to socialize and mingle because it contain people from a vast background. One another important feature of common room is that you get to know new jokes, pick up lines and what’s in and what’s out while sitting on a single place.

Every furniture of common room contain stains of beverages and other food stuff but if you think a bit deep, you can find a sweet story of past when you accidentally put that stain which put a smile on your face by remembering the little story behind it.
I dedicate these words to my common room buddies who inspire me to write this.


Here is a brief comparison between arsenal of layari gangsters and security forces in Karachi.

SSP CID Choudary Aslam leading the operation himself.

Police force with mostly kalashnikov

FC Personnels with G3 rifles are helping out police force

CID and Police Snipers and Sharp shooters.

Armored Personnel Carriers



Rocket Launchers with ample amount of ammunition.

Hand grenades

Israeli made Uzi which can fire 600rounds per minute


G3 rifles.

M16 Rifles


Quetta is the largest city and provincial capital of province Baluchistan. It is also known as the fruit garden of Baluchistan because of it’s vast fertile land and biodiversity.

Evidence suggests that Quetta was present in history in 6th century. It belonged to province Sassan of Kingdom of Iran. When Muslims conquered Iran, Quetta became part of the Muslim Kingdom.
A comprehensive account of city of Quetta was found in 15th century when Ghaznavi visited here during his attack to India. After that it was ruled by Ghurids and Mongols in late 15th century. At the end of 15th century it came under the control of Ruler of Herat Shah Beg Arghun.


Hana Lake close to Quetta.

Ain e Akbari also mentioned Shalkot ( old name of Quetta ) and Pishin as a military supply and revenue service to Akbar. In 1730 Quetta was under the influence of Khan of Kalat who made It his Northern capital. In 1876 British Administrator Sir. Robert Sandeman signed a treaty with Khan of Kalat that gave administration of strategic Quetta to British Rule.

According to a european historian in 1828 a great mud wall was surrounding Quetta which was later made to fort by English Rulers.
The word Quetta was derived from Pashto word “Kuwetta ” which means a fort. Quetta was also called as Shalkotwhich is still used today because of it beautiful and nice shalls (large piece of cloth made of cotton to fend of winter cold) .
It is believed that city name was derived from four surrounding hills (Chiltan, Takatu, Zarghoun, Murdaar)
Quetta didn’t emerge until British Rule, even at that time it was not more than a small arsenal. In late 19 century it grew exponentially but it was almost completely destroyed on 31 May 1935 which almost killed 20000 people. It became part of Pakistan on 14 August 1947 and it is now summer capital of province of Baluchistan.

Governor House Quetta.



Lahore is one of the oldest city in the subcontinent. Till this date we don't know when it was founded. Some historians says it's almost 4000 years old but proved evidence suggests that lahore is at least 2000 years old. Hieun tsang famous Chinese pilgrim visited lahore in 700 A.D. and wrote about city in his journals.
Oldest authentic surviving document was an anonymous document written in 982 and translated in 1927 by Vladimir Fedorovich Minorsky. The document is called HUDUD I ALAM which means regions of world. This document described lahore as a shehr or town with. Marvelous temples, huge markets and spacious orchards. This document is now present in British Museum.

Ptolemy 2nd century famous Egyptian astronomer and geographer mentioned a city between river Indus and patna that might be Lahore.
According to oral legends, In ancient times Lahore is know as Lavapuri means city of Lava in Sanskrit because it was founded by Prince Lava or Loh, the son of Rama hindu deity, while Kasur was founded by his twin brother Prince Kushs. To this day Lahore Fort has a vacant temple dedicated to Lava or Loh, hence Loh-awar or Fort of Lahore. Hence the name Lahore came into existence.




20120422-194949.jpg Asian broadcast giant Nimbus has expressed willingness in organising the Pakistan Premier League (PPL), a well-informed Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) source said.

According to PTI, a representative for Nimbus sports met with the PCB Chairman Zaka Ashraf and other officials and delivered a presentation in this regard.

“Basically Nimbus is interested in just organising the PPL for a fee but has not shown interest in procuring rights for the event,” the source said.

“But the fact that an Indian company has shown interest in the PPL has come as a encouraging sign for the PCB.”

PPL has generated quite a bit of interest amongst the Pakistan business community as well but to bring it on par with the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) a big Indian stake will be required, according to the source cited.

“At the presentations most of those people who gave presentations made it clear that finances needed to be generated from the Indian and other markets to sustain such a major league including the franchises,” the source added.

“The PCB at present is looking at a sale out price of around 4 to 4.5 million dollars for a franchise.”

The Pakistani board has been very keen on getting the PPL off the mark, keeping in mind that the return of cricket in the country seems unlikely anytime soon.

But after Bangladesh’s visit to Pakistan was halted by the Bangladesh High Court on security grounds, it remains to be seen how the board will rope in foreign players, if and when the financial and logistical aspects of the league are finalized.
Thanks to dawn news

Pakistani cricket authorities confirmed that pakistan’s very own t20 league will happen soon in near future. According to pakistan cricket board chairman Zaka Ashraf said that most probably t20 league will be held in october 2012 in the same format of IPL,BPL and Big Bash. He also said the name of proposed league is yet to be decided but it will not be Pakistan premier league because we are not coping any thing from india. He also confirmed that board is in contact with foreign players to make t20 league successful and many players wants to come to pakistan. He also hinted that Andrew Symonds of Australia,Brain Lara of WestIndies and Jayasuria of SriLanka will feature in pakistani t20 league20120420-191150.jpg